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Blurred Lines

That’s what it’s come down to, isn’t it? From Dean’s Mark to Crowley needing to shoot a little human juice to feel alive to the ambiguity of Cas’ mission to the tight familial bonds of the vamp family tonight: life on earth has gone haywire. The Vamp mama herself drew a line between the HUMAN feelings of guilt and suffering and the arguably non-human feelings of love between family. Are family ties exempt from the taint of humanity because they are universal, super-human, or because they are base, even monsters and animals feel that bond? 

And what does it mean, anymore, to be a monster? The human (Alex) is let off the hook for her part in murder and bloodlust because she was a victim of her family. If we look hard enough, can’t we find ways to excuse anyone their choices? SPN has flirted with this throughout the seasons (thinking about the pishtaco here (S9), and Kate in Bitten (S8)): what sort of monster gets a pass and what sort gets the pointy end? What if it’s the monster you love? What if it is the monster within? And who decides?

I have to sleep on this, but I’m interested…

That was a pleasure to share with you guys, but now I have to go wash my hair.

The lighting of Dean’s eyes in this episode is legendary.

"Look at me, bitch!"

I just heard Jesse Pinkman.

"This is the human half of you talking. After the change, this human, she ain’t nothing to you."


Is someone going to try to feed on Dean and have to spit him out?

So Alex is turned, a monster, because she chose family. You feel me?

Dean still doesn’t hesitate to drop/risk everything for Sam…